St. Barts Villas and St. Barts Villa Rentals

St. Barts Villas and St. Barts villa rentals reveal a destination perfect for the most sophisticated of travelers. St. Barts villa rentals are typically found on the hillside, often with some of the most spectacular views found anywhere in the Caribbean. St. Barts, also known as, St. Barth (officially St. Barthelemy) is by far one of the safest and most friendly of all Caribbean destinations.

Despite the fact that most St. Barts villa rentals are located on the hillside, most villas in St. Barts feature quick access to the many quality beaches on the island. While staying at your St. Barts rental villa, it is imperative that you visit St. Jean Beach which features world class cuisine and a posh atmosphere all in a beautiful white sandy setting. The island has only 7,500 residents and is relatively small in size, making St. Barts a very managable destination.